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Amino Acid Nutritional Components

Jun 06, 2017

Amino acids are the most basic substances that make up proteins in organisms and are related to life activities, and are the basic units of protein molecules in organisms, Amino Acid which are closely related to life activities of organisms. It has special physiological function in the antibody and is one of the indispensable nutrients in the organism.

Amino acid fertilizers are based on plant amino acids, by using its huge surface activity and absorptive capacity, the nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, iron, Amino Acid copper, manganese, zinc, aluminum, boron, etc.) which are needed in the growth and development of human plants are added, and the organic and inorganic compounds formed by the addition and complexation. This fertilizer can not only keep a lot of elements slow release and full use, but also can ensure the stability and long-term effect of trace elements. It has the good effect of enhancing the plant respiration, improving the process of plant redox and promoting the metabolism of plant. Amino Acid It can promote the formation of photosynthesis and chlorophyll, and the physiological and biochemical processes, such as activity of oxides, activity of enzymes, germination of seeds, absorption of nutrients, and growth and development of roots, have obvious promoting and activating effects. In particular, its affinity with plants is not comparable to any other substance. The efficacy of amino acid fertilizer set the long-term effect of organic fertilizer, the quick-acting of fertilizer, the stability of bio-fertilizer and the efficiency of micro-fertilizer. This paper mainly discusses the application of amino acids in agriculture in this fertilizer.

Soil agglomeration is the basic unit of soil structure. The use of amino acids, can change the soil salt too high, alkaline too strong, soil particle height dispersion, the physical and chemical characters of soil structural difference, promote the formation of soil agglomeration, after applying amino acid, Amino Acid the soil bulk density decreased obviously, the total porosity and water holding capacity increased, which helped to improve the ability of soil water conservation and fertilization, thus creating favorable conditions for plant root growth and development.

Soil microorganism is one of the important factors in soil composition, the transformation of soil organic and inorganic quality, the cycling of nutrient elements, and the formation of enzymes in the process of plant life activity. Amino acids can promote soil microbial activities, increase the number of soil microorganisms, enhance soil enzyme activity, a large number of domestic and foreign research data confirmed that the application of amino acids can make the aerobic bacteria, actinomycetes, fiber decomposition of the number of bacteria increased. It is advantageous to accelerate the mineralization of organic matter and promote the release of nutrient elements.

With the rapid development of chemical industry, the production and application quantity of chemical fertilizers has been increasing, and the application of chemical fertilizers has played an important role in the development of agricultural production, but the problems such as the increase of fertilizer application, the cost of investment and the decrease of fertilizer utilization are also gradually reflected.