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Amino Acid How To Add

Oct 18, 2017

Amino acids are an important part of the brain, with up to 90 percent amino acids. Modern biological studies have found that people are intelligent and intelligent, with their large brains. In the process of evolution, people have mastered the ability to acquire proteins (amino acids), so that their brains are developed and their intelligence is extremely high, and they gradually dominate the world.

Experiments have shown that the amount of amino acids in the brain determines the intelligence and memory of a person, and the key to improve the brain and memory is to complement the amino acid nutrition. In addition, amino acids have the following functions and effects

1. Eliminate fatigue, maintain energy and improve sub-health

Tryptophan can relieve stress, avoid depression, anxiety, etc., and stabilize mood and energy.

2. Improve sleep quality

Tryptophan promotes sleep and has a reputation as a natural sleeping pill.

3. Improve immunity

Amino acids are the basic material, the body's immune system quality and quantity of amino acids, closely related to immune system strength, tryptophan, phenylalanine, lysine, etc are necessary to generate antibodies of raw materials, added comprehensive balanced amino acid, is the key to enhance human immunity.

4. Promote postoperative recovery

Branched amino acids (leucine isoleucine and valine) can speed up the recovery of patients.

Accelerated bone growth

Bones are composed of bone matrix and bone mineral: the bone matrix is mainly composed of amino acids, determining the shape, size and flexibility of the bone. Bone mineral substance is mainly composed of calcium, which determines the density and stiffness of bone. So amino acids and calcium are the main building materials that make up bones.

The infant body is in the stage of rapid growth and development, and the demand for calcium is very high. However, few people know that children in the developmental stage can't do without amino acids. Amino acids are the "porters" of various minerals and trace elements in the body. After supplementing calcium, iron, zinc, selenium and other minerals and trace elements, the body needs amino acids and proteins to move them around the body. Without amino acids, these trace elements and minerals cannot be effectively delivered to the organs of the human body, which can still lead to the lack of minerals and trace elements in the body.

Can amino acids enhance immunity

Early childhood development due to the body's immune system is not yet perfect, the human body antibody synthesis ability is low, leading to resistance to bacterial and viral invasion of phagocytes, such as white blood cells vigor is poorer, quantity is less, so it's easy to infection of various diseases. Amino acids can accelerate the synthesis of human immune globulin, improve the immune system fundamentally, so as to prevent colds, fever, cough and other diseases.

How to replenish amino acids

1. Fish egg cake

Nutritional analysis: less than 1 year old baby chewing ability also is not very good, the soft fish's egg cake bread contains the baby needed for growth and development of high quality protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, and A variety of vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin B1, baby will be great help for strong body.

Production methods:

(1) cut the onion in pieces; Cook the fish and grind in a bowl.

(2) crack the eggs into the bowl and add the fish paste and the onion.

(3) place the butter in a pan and melt it into a small round cake, fry it in a pan, and fry the tomato sauce over it.

2. Mushroom and chicken congee

Nutrition analysis: chicken meat is tender, tasty, high protein content; Rice can provide rich B vitamins; Celery is rich in water and fiber. This dish is rich in protein, and relatively easy to digest and absorb, it is a great food diet for children.

Production methods:

Wash the white rice, chicken breast, spring Onions, celery peas, mushrooms soak in soft, chicken breast, shiitake mushrooms, chopped celery, chopped spare.

(2) add the oil hot pan, add the scallion, chicken breast, and the mushroom, and then add a little soy sauce to fry the flavor.

(3) add the white rice to the pan.

(4) add about 1000 ml of water to the pot, and then put the peas and celery into the pot when cooked thoroughly.

(5) add salt, monosodium glutamate, white pepper.