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Amino Acid Have A Health Effect

Oct 19, 2017

Amino acids have different metabolic effects in infants and adults. The use of ordinary amino acid infusion, infants and young children in the activity of phenylalanine hydroxylase is low, Amino Acid easy to produce high phenylalanineemia.

Amino acids in chemistry refers to the generic composition of a class of organic compounds containing amino and carboxyl groups, which are the basic constituent units of biological functional macromolecules. If the human body compared to high-rise buildings, the protein is a piece of brick, Amino Acid and amino acid is composed of brick soil. Amino acids not only provide an important raw material for synthetic protein, but also provide a material basis for promoting growth, carrying out normal metabolism and sustaining life.

So important to the basic material of life, Amino Acid the human body is how to take it? Amino acids are the basic unit of protein composition, and its intake is nothing but also from the protein. Normal body through the intake of a variety of food, from which to obtain the necessary amino acids sufficient to meet the needs of life activities, there is no need to always add a special amino acid tablets. Some markets that promote the role of health care amino acid tablets, can eat some, but can not be used as a major source of amino acids.

In fact, the addition of amino acids is like eating. Oral amino acid tablets of the health effects are there, but no advertising so God, to be treated correctly. Amino Acid Clinical application of amino acids, generally only for some serious patients, such as patients with excessive blood loss, severe liver and kidney disease, critically ill patients, digestive system, severe absorption disorders and can not eat the normal patient, to provide basic nutrition for the human body, and mainly With the injection of amino acids, rarely use oral amino acid tablets. So even if you are oral excess of amino acids, but also can not be absorbed by the body, Amino Acid in fact, most of the excretion.

Amino acid amphoteric surfactants have been paid attention to by their safety, mildness, biodegradability and excellent surface activity. In addition, the amino acid type amphoteric surfactant molecule contains an amino acid skeleton having both an amino group and a carboxyl group, an acyl group which may be introduced into different carbon atoms, and an alkoxy group, and the number of its own hydrocarbylamino carboxyl groups may be different. Amino Acid Therefore, the surface activity of amino acid amphoteric surfactants can be regulated in many ways and widely used.

Amino acid type zwitterionic surfactants carry a positive charge of a hydrophilic cation through an amino group, and the negative charge of the anion can be carried by carboxyl groups, sulfonic acid groups and phosphoric acid groups. Most important for carboxylic acid amino acid type amphoteric surfactants, Amino Acid Among them, and - amino acid and - aminopropionic acid type.