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Amino Acid Enhancement

Aug 02, 2017

Amino acids have a great effect on the growth and development of crops. Amino Acid Many agricultural staff say that amino acids are "root fertilizers". The main effect on the root system is to stimulate the division and growth of root meristem cells, Secondary root increased, root increased, Amino Acid root elongation, and ultimately lead to crop absorption of water and nutrients greatly enhanced.

Amino acids into the plant after the plant to stimulate the main role in the increase in respiratory strength, increased photosynthesis, a variety of enzyme activity increased, Amino Acid so that the fruit in advance coloring mature, high yield and increase production.

Increase plant resistance to phosphorus and potassium; Amino Acid improve plant resistance; plant growth, especially photosynthesis has a unique role in promoting, it can increase plant chlorophyll content, improve enzyme activity, promote carbon dioxide penetration, Amino Acid so that more exuberant photosynthesis , To improve crop quality, increase the content of Vc and sugar have an important role.

Amino acid is the most basic substance that constitutes the biological protein and is related to the life activity. It is the basic unit of protein molecule in the organism, and it is closely related to the biological life activity. It has a special physiological function in the antibody, Amino Acid is one of the indispensable nutrients in the body.

(Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, iron, Amino Acid copper, manganese, zinc, aluminum, boron, etc.), which are needed for plant growth and development, Amino Acid by using its amino acid as a substrate, using its huge surface activity and adsorption and retention ability, Through the complex and complex formation of organic, inorganic complex. This fertilizer can not only maintain a large number of elements of the slow release and full use, Amino Acid but also to ensure the stability of trace elements and long-term effect. It has a good effect of enhancing plant respiration, improving plant redox process and promoting plant metabolism.

It can promote the photosynthesis and the formation of chlorophyll, and it can promote and activate the physiological and biochemical processes such as the activity of the oxide, Amino Acid the activity of the enzyme, the seed germination, the nutrient absorption and the root growth and development. In particular, its affinity for plants is comparable to any other substance. Amino Acid The effectiveness of amino acid fertilizer set of long-term organic fertilizer, fertilizer quick, bio-fertilizer stability and efficiency of micro-fertilizer as a whole. Here the main discussion of the fertilizer in the application of amino acids in agriculture.

Promote the formation of soil aggregates: soil aggregates are the basic unit of soil structure. The use of amino acids can change the soil salt content is too high, Amino Acid alkaline too strong, highly dispersed soil particles, soil structure of the poor physical and chemical properties, and promote the formation of soil aggregates, the application of amino acids, the soil bulk density decreased significantly, Amino Acid the total soil porosity and The corresponding increase in water holding capacity will help to improve the ability of soil water and fertilizer, so as to create good conditions for plant root growth and development.