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Amino Acid Accelerate Bone Growth

Oct 26, 2017

Amino acids are important substances in the brain, amino acid content of up to 90% or more. Modern biological research found that people are smart, wisdom, and its huge brain inseparable. People in the evolution of the process, mastered the ability to obtain protein (amino acids), so well-developed, highly IQ, and gradually dominate the world.

Experiments show that the amount of amino acids in the brain, determines the level of human intelligence and memory, brain, improve the memory of the key is to make up the amino acid nutrition. In addition, amino acids have the following effects and effects:

1, eliminate fatigue, keep vigorous, improve sub-health status

Tryptophan can relieve stress, avoid depression, anxiety and other state, stable emotions, to maintain strong energy.

2, to improve the quality of sleep

Tryptophan has the effect of promoting sleep, "natural sleeping pills" in the world.

3, to improve immunity

Amino acids is the basic material of the human immune system, the number and quality of amino acids, and immune system function is closely related to the strong, tryptophan, phenylalanine, lysine is the necessary raw materials to produce antibodies, add a comprehensive balance Of the amino acids, is to improve the body's immune system.

4, to promote disease, postoperative recovery

Branched amino acids (leucine isoleucine and valine) can speed up the patient's recovery rate.

Can amino acids improve immunity?

Children because the body's immune system has not yet developed, the synthesis of antibodies in the human body is low, resulting in resistance to foreign bacteria and virus invasion of phagocytic cells (such as white blood cells) less viable, less, so it is easy to infect a variety of diseases. Amino acids can accelerate the synthesis of human immunoglobulin, from the fundamental increase in immunity, so as to prevent colds, fever, cough and other diseases.

Accelerate bone growth

Bones are composed of bone matrix and bone mineral: bone matrix mainly composed of amino acids, determine the shape of bone, size and flexibility; bone mineral mainly composed of calcium, determine the bone density and hardness. Thus amino acids and calcium are the main "building materials" that make up the bones.

Children's body is in the stage of rapid growth and development, the demand for calcium is very large. However, few people know that children in the developmental stage of calcium can not be separated from amino acids. Amino acids are the "porters" of various minerals and trace elements in the body. The human body in the supplement of calcium, iron, zinc, selenium and other minerals and trace elements, the need for amino acids and proteins to transport them throughout the body. Such as the lack of amino acids, these trace elements and minerals can not be effectively sent to the various organs of the human body, will still lead to the lack of minerals and trace elements in the body.