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Analysis Of The Function And Prospect Of Organic Fertilizer In Agriculture In China

Aug 23, 2018

To correctly understand the role of fertilizers in sustainable development and ensure food security. Fertilizer is the "grain" of grain. The higher crop yield, the more nutrient demands. In the case of high-intensity agricultural development, the method relying on natural ecological circulation cannot supplement the nutrient demands of high-yielding crops. The fundamental solution to the negative effects of fertilizers lies in the rational use of fertilizers. We must adhere to the basic concept of green development, establish the basic consensus that modern agriculture is inseparable from chemical fertilizer, and achieve sustainable development of agriculture and society.


1)Emphasis is placed on the impact of fertilizers and their production processes on resources and the environment

Fertilizer industry is highly resource dependency and energy rely on industry, at the same time, energy and resources and support the material basis for the development of the future society, each year because of nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer production in China need to consume large amounts of electricity, coal, water and mineral resources, in the process of fertilizer secondary processing, also consume large amounts of energy, produce certain emissions. In particular, the problem of phosphogypsum should be addressed.

2)Full understanding of fertilizer efficiency is the foundation of weight loss

As we all know, in order to guarantee food security, a certain amount of nutrient uptake of crops must be guaranteed. On the premise of reducing the amount of fertilizer application and ensuring the amount of absorption, the only way is to compress the difference between the amount of nutrient application and the amount of absorption. The way to compress this difference is to increase efficiency. So, leave to increase the effect to reduce weight is blind reduce weight, also be unscientific reduce weight.

3)Properly handle the relationship between organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer

Organic fertilizers play an important role in the history of human development. However, with the development of society and scientific progress, organic fertilizers play a smaller and smaller role in agricultural production, especially in providing nutrient elements for crops. What was once organic fertilizer became an important environmental pollutant. We must wake up to the fact that it is impossible to return to the previous era of organic fertilizer recycling under the conditions of modern society. However, from the perspective of the earth material recycling, the current solution to organic waste mainly relies on soil microorganisms, that is, to apply them to farmland. On the one hand, the pollution of organic waste is solved; on the other hand, the function of organic fertilizing soil can be played to make the best use of its products.