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Green Healthy Organic Fertilizer

Jul 05, 2018

China's fertilizer industry is undergoing transformation. Organic fertilizer, biological fertilizer and other new fertilizers on the market slowly grow up. The demand is increasing. Although the overall scale of the organic fertilizer market is relatively small, the organic fertilizer industry has just entered the growth stage, and it keeps growing year by year. Data show that the industry sales revenue reached 96.462 billion yuan in 2016, an increase of 13.12% over 2015. China has a large amount of organic fertilizer resources. Promoting the sustainable and effective development of the fertilizer industry and improving the utilization rate of resources circulation have a promoting effect on human production and development.

Organic fertilizers have great potential:

1) At present, China's organic fertilizer design capacity is 34.82 million tons, while the actual annual output is 16.3 million tons, less than half of the designed capacity. Enterprises with an annual output of less than 5,000 tons account for nearly half of the total number of enterprises and less than 20% of the total number of enterprises with an annual output of over 20,000 tons.

2) There are 2,282 organic fertilizer enterprises in China, including 986 organic fertilizer enterprises (43%), 296 bio-organic fertilizers (13%), 809 organic-inorganic compound fertilizers (35%) and 192 other enterprises (9%). The national organic fertilizer design capacity is 34.82 million tons and the annual output is 16.3 million tons.


3) In 2016, the yield of water-soluble fertilizer in a broad sense was 3.5 million tons, increasing by 10% year on year. The demand of Potassum Humate fertilizer and Humic Acid is large, which plays an important role in the production and life of agriculture and promotes the green and healthy development of the ecological environment.


Application of organic fertilizer:

1) The utilization rate of organic fertilizer in China is about 20%.

2) The fertilizer specified shall implement the principle of the organic fertilizer instead of 50% fertilizer nitrogen supply, Denmark at least 40% - 40% of livestock and poultry manure could be reused, Canada requires using organic fertilizer orchard 3.8 tons - 7.6 tons per acre.

3) China exports 200,000 tons of organic fertilizer every year, and the international market's demand for high-end organic fertilizer is still growing.