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Advantages Of Seaweed Fertilizer

Dec 12, 2018

Compared with chemical fertilizers, seaweed fertilizers are rich in high concentration of active amino acids, polypeptides, natural plant hormone precursors and betaine. By regulating the hormone and nutrient balance in the body of crops, seaweed fertilizers can enhance their immunity and make crops grow healthfully, thus improving the yield and quality. Seaweed fertilizers have become a hot product in the field of fertilizer manufacturing.


With the deepening of product research and development, a variety of new seaweed fertilizer products have been born successively, such as algae leaf fertilizer, solid flush fertilizer, liquid flush fertilizer and algae bio-organic fertilizer.

Algae and seaweed extracts are widely used in the development of organic fertilizers and the cultivation of crops, fruits, vegetables, flowers, lawns and other agricultural products because they are rich in a variety of plant growth promoting factors. Seaweed fertilizer has a variety of high active ingredients and nutritional elements. Not only contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, molybdenum, iron, zinc, boron, iodine, selenium and other nutrients needed by plants, but also contains rich seaweed polysaccharide, seaweed polyphenols, unsaturated fatty acids, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, growth regulators and other active elements. The seaweed fertilizer can improve soil quality, drought resistance, cold resistance, growth promotion, pest resistance, yield increase, improve the quality of agricultural products and other multiple effects.

Because seaweed fertilizer contains many effective components and active substances, it can improve the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of soil, so as to improve the water retention capacity of soil and promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the rhizosphere. It can react with metal ions in the soil to form compounds with high molecular weight, improve the structure of soil aggregates, thus helping to maintain soil moisture, a good soil ventilation environment, stimulate the growth of rhizosphere microorganisms, increase soil biological activity, and control salinity and alkali and desert gobi. Seaweed fertilizer not only provides a complete supply of a large number of micronutrient elements, polysaccharides, various amino acids, vitamins and other active substances for crops, but also helps plants to establish a robust root system and improve the absorption and utilization of soil nutrients, water and gas. Seaweed fertilizer can increase plant vascular bundle of stem cells, accelerate the absorbing water, nutrients and products in the transport, and promote plant cell division, cell delay aging, improve the efficiency of crop photosynthesis, increase yield and improve quality, prolong storage freshness, enhance crop drought resistance, cold resistance, submersion and resistance to diseases and pests, and other art function.


The application of seaweed fertilizer to a series of crops, such as corn, fruits and vegetables, has proved that seaweed fertilizer has an obvious effect on the early maturity of crops, the improvement of yield and quality, the preservation of fruit and the enhancement of resistance to diseases and insect pests, etc., and can increase production by 10%~30%. In 2013, a demonstration experiment was carried out on the application of water-soluble nutrient liquid fertilizer containing alginin on the leaf surface at four stages, namely, the pregnant stage, the earring stage, the grouting stage and the full grain stage of rice. The results showed that the application of the water-soluble nutrient liquid fertilizer containing alginin on the leaf surface could effectively improve the effective panicle number, total grain number per panicle and grain number per panicle of rice.


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