K-ONE 60 (Potassium Humate 60%)

Main Features: 1. Extracted from young leonardite 2. Soluble in Water 3. Shiny black appearance 4. Flush, soil application and drip irrigation recommended

Product Details

OMRI Listed K-ONE60 (Potassium Humate 60% Flake/Powder/Granular)

K-ONE 60 is extracted from the young natural leonardite with excellent performance in chemical and biological activity. It's soluble in water with shiny black appearance. 


Appearance:Flake/Granular/PowderWater Solubility:  97%
Color: BlackHumic Acid (dry basis): 60%
Flake Size: 2-4mm Potassium (as K2O dry basis):


pH Value:9.0-11.0Moisture: 



1. Promote Photosynthesis

2. Improve nutritional absorption by leaves

3. Enhance Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) 

4. Increase yield and quality of agricultural products


Soil Application, Flush, Drip Irrigation

Dose: 5-8kgs/ha 


25kgs Paper Bag & Customized



Keep in clean, dry and well-ventilated environment. 

OMRI Certificate


Product number: xnt-12069

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