K-ONE Super (Potassium Humate with Fulvic)

Main Features:
1. Extracted from the young leonardite.
2. Higher activity.
3. Higher Fulvic Acid content.
4. 100% Soluble in water
5. Excellent ability of anti-flocculation.
6. Perfect for liquid formulation and drip irrigation.
7. Strong compatibility with pesticide.

Product Details

K-ONE Super

100% soluble potash refined super potassium F humate fulvic flake organic fertilizer use 

K-ONE Super is extracted from the young natural leonardite, and completely soluble in water. It has high fulvic acid content, 

and functional group of carboxyl, hydroxyl and other active groups which makes an easy absorption by plants.  

The performance is remarkable on crops when using K-ONE Super together with pesticide or fungicide.


Total Humic Extracts:
Color: Shiny Black
Fulvic Acid:
Water Solubility:
Potassium (as K2O dry basis):
pH Value:


1. Promote Photosynthesis.

2. Improve nutritional absorption by leaves.

3. Enhance Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC).

4. Increase the yield and quality of agricultural products. 

5. Improve effectiveness of pesticide and fungicide.

6. Improve fertilizer and water holding capacity of soil. 


Foliar & Drip Irrigation: 0.5-1kg/1000kgs water, 3-5kgs/ha. 

Seeds Soaking: 2kgs for 1000kgs seeds. 

Soil Application: 8-10kgs/ha 

Package & Storage 

100/200/500g, 1/5/10/20/25/50/1000kgs Bag 

Store in cool, dry place, protected from heat and light. 

OMRI Certificate


Product number: xnt-11747

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