Humic Acid Extract Liquid

Main Features:
1. Extracted from young leonardite
2. Easily absorbed by plants

Product Details


Humic Acid Extracts:20%
PH Value:4.0-5.0


1. The micro molecules make an easy uptake by plant roots.

2. Remains the natural organic matter of GA (Gibberellic Acid), S-ABA (Abscisic Acid), etc.

3. Effective to enzyme activity of crops.

4. Improve the permeability of cell membrane.

5. Absorption of sol particles.

6. Obvious growth of main root.

7. Increase the nutrient absorption.

8. Reduce the energy consumption of nutrients.

9. Promote the photosynthesis.

10. Improve the utilization of chemical fertilizers. 


1. Seedling stage: Dilute at 300-500times, 45-75kgs/ha.

2. Flowering and Fruiting stage: Dilute at 300-500times by drip irrigation or water flush, 75kgs/ha/time.

    Better performance if mix with other microelement fertilizer.

3. If root system damaged, dilute at 200-300times by water flush or drip irrigation, 75kgs/ha/time. 

Caution: make small test before mix with other fertilizers or pesticides. 


1L, 10L, 20L, 200L



Keep in clean, dry and well-ventilated environment. 

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