FulviPlus (Fulvic Acid 70% Powder)

Main Features:
1. Completely soluble in water
2. OMRI organic certificate
3. High Fulvic Acid content
4. Strong chelating to trace elements
5. Highly recommended to apply as pesticide adjuvant
6. Excellent to formulate high concentrated liquid fertilizer

Product Details

FulviPlus (Fulvic Acid 70% Powder)

high activity|100% water soluble|mineral source Light yellow bio fulvic acid powder|formulation|organic fertilizer for agriculture use| OMRI Organic Certificate

FulviPlus has higher bioactive groups, and strong chelating to the trace elements. It is highly recommended to apply as the pesticide adjuvant, increase the pesticide efficiency, or to formulate high concentrated foliar fertilizer & flush fertilizer.


Light Yellow Powder
Water Solubility:
pH Value:
Total Fulvic Acid:


1. Increase pesticide efficiency

2. Stimulate the plant growth

3. No deposit in liquid fertilizer 

4. Stable chemical properties 


Foliar: 1.5kg/ha


20kgs paper bags or customized. 

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