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Agriculture has changed a lot in the past years, organic is becoming dominating in the agriculture with the friendly contribution of nutrition, health, and green to the environment.   We commit ourselves to nourishing the soil and plants by the continuous and balanced nutrients supply like organic matter(humic acid), NPK, amino acids and trace elements, etc. As the materials are of the natural origin which are highly recommended for the organic farming, especially field crops, horticulture and green-house as well. NatureTech is a dynamic company offering full range of organic fertilizers for organic farming. Supply of quality inputs certified by organic certification agency is our major strength. More special products developed to a specific plant in a specific country are our goal to achieve in the future.  Lets work green miracles with nature. 

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What Are The Benefits Of PowerAmino To Plants?Solu-Amino Powder is the compound amino acid powder which is completely soluble in water. It is derived from the soybeans, and has 17 types of free amino acids. Solu-Amino Powder serves as a non-polluting, non-chemical and non-toxic fertilizer.